Agile Allgemein

Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop in Berlin

Im März kommen die Macher von Liberating Structures aus Seattle nach Berlin um hier ein Workshop anzubieten. Ihr könnt für 2 Tage in die Welt der befreienden Strukturen eintauchen, Euch als Strukturgeber ausprobieren und einfach mitmachen.


Agile Game Lab – March 2nd 2016

One of my favorite Meetups in Berlin is the Agile Game Lab. Here you can try moderating new games or learn new ones. It takes place appr. once in one to two months.


Games in general are a very effective way of learning, because you can actually experience the concepts instead of just theoretically grasping them.

This time I participated in a game interviewing users. Three short rounds for three people with switching roles of interviewer, interviewee and documenter. Each time with different constraints on how to behave as the interviewer. One of my main learnings from the game was, that you should speak much less as an interviewer, this way you can actually find out something new that might surprise you. If you speak even the slightest bit, you are just going to have your biases confirmed.

I’ve facilitated a Ball Point Game. I love this game. It allows you to experience so many principles behind all Agile practices within 30 minutes. And as far as I can tell, the participants loved it too :-). Here they are discussing the game even after the Meetup is over.



Kennenlernübung mit Empathie und schneller Lieferung

Bin in Zusammenhang mit dem Project Management Meetup in Berlin auf Alexanders Website www.agil-inform.com gestossen und habe dort dieses kurze inspirierende Video gefunden:

Kennenlernübung mit Empathie und schneller Lieferung from agil inform on Vimeo.